Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is elected every three years by the parents/caregivers.

  • Greg Clarkson - Chairperson 
  • Kate Cooney- Parent rep
  • Lilach Grieve- Parent rep
  • Megan Holland - Parent rep
  • Susanna Chetwynd - Parent rep
  • Sean Burt - Teacher Representative 
  • Sean Burt and Andrea Soper - Acting Principal 
  • Anna Clarkson - Board Secretary
  • Prepare a Charter.
  • Formulate School Policy and Procedures.
  • Approve and monitor the school budget.
  • Act as employers.
  • Maintain the buildings grounds and equipment.
  • Ensure through the Principal that the curriculum is being taught.
  • Ensure that the Staff have on going training and development
  • Review the work of the school.
  • Report on how well the school is meeting its objectives.
  • Consult with the community.

The minutes of the Board’s monthly meetings are available on the table in the office foyer for parents to peruse along with a copy of the school charter and policies.

All parents are most welcome to attend board meetings.